making milpa

Making milpa is a translocal network of artists, makers, mediators, learners and many other different backgrounds exploring forms of collaboration, ways of inhabiting spaces (otherwise) and creating learning environments towards diversity and non-hegemonic forms of thinking.

Making milpa as art practice

graphic parties
of Water


the living room


The Kitchen

E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design
Wrocław, Poland.
10.07-10.10. 2021

How can a kitchen become a learning environment? How can we reimagine educational institutions from a kitchen space? The Kitchen is our third iteration taking place at the E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław. It is focused on collectively creating a learning environment from a kitchen space as space for embracement, sharing, reciprocity, exploring forms of collaborations with diverse communities and distribution of resources and forms of knowing.

We start by thinking how to open the academy by inviting/ sharing the Kitchen with different audiences who are invisible, absent or even excluded from the academy. What forms of collaborations and learning is possible?

Question poster series

We initiate the discussion by inviting friends, students and faculty to send questions related to education, learning, institutions and knowledge production. The questions collected were printed as a series of posters and hanged inside the building of the academy of art. With contributions from: Lumin Press (Sadia Pineda & Beau W. Beakhouse), Mauricio Herrero, Urszula Lisowska, Chiara Sgaramella, Miriam Redondo and Pablo Ramírez González, Thomas Tajo, Gerardo Gomez Tonda, Ivan Juarez.
Posters can be downloaded in high resolution here.

Series of poster with questions related to education, learning, institutions, knowledge productions.


Storytelling & Creative Writing for Migrants (building an anti-monument of the city of Wrocław).

Facilitated by Volha Martynenka. 

As part of opening the academy and bringing different voices, communities and audiences to share the space, resources and forms of knowing, Milpa made an Open Call inviting migrants living in the city of Wroclaw.

The aim is to share the space, resources and collaborate together, also attempt to address the difficulties and issues related to long waiting periods for visa/stay permits in the city of Wrocław.

In response to the open call, belarusian artist Volha Martynenka facilitated and co-organized with Milpa the Storytelling and Creative Writing Workshop for Migrants in the city of Wroclaw. I aims to create a safe house to share and gather stories of migration in the city, start an ongoing and collective process of building an anti-monument from unofficial narratives in the city.

Composting towards (more) collaborative practices
with Gerardo Gomez Tonda.


Lecture series from a Kitchen

#01 Listening to and tasting Otherness in Politics by Urszula Lisowska. 30.09.2021

#02 Prehistoric foundations of global visual culture by Thomas Tajo.

Breathing + sound improvisations with Vassilis Theodorou.

Art and Mycelium. Workshops with Yuri Selivanov and Valentina biolab. 26-30.11.2021.